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VentureIconAges: 15 Р17 (Year 12 РUpper 6)

Times: Wednesday (7.30pm Р9.00pm)


‘The aim of Scouting is to contribute to the development of the youth in achieving their full spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and cultural potential.’
‘If you are aged 15 – 17 then you can become a Venture. You can challenge yourself, try new things, achieve your goals; and most importantly…have a laugh with a group of like-minded young people from your local area!’

The Possibilities are Endless…

Vent_Cycle01Epic Cycling Adventures, whether its on/off road, putting your mountain bike through its paces, as you push yourself to the limit.
Grinding those gears in a fierce uphill struggle, battling the elements, and holding your nerve as you finally descend, navigating what the forrest trail has to throw at you.
Gliding over loose stones and splashing through puddles of mud in top gear, gunning for the finish line, as you launch off that final jump. The adrenaline still pumping as you skid to a hault. The Wow Factor. High Fives all round.
‘Mountain Biking. Adventure Awaits.’

The Venture Challenge…

ScoutsCamping01An Opportunity of a Lifetime. A Challenge like None Other. As a Venture you could find yourself trekking with a friend anywhere across Ireland or the UK.

Expedition Requirements…

  1. Complete a number of set projects.
  2. Keep a team log book.
  3. Complete the designated distance (100km).
  4. Finish within 5/6 days.
  5. Complete the adventure skills enroute.
  6. Vent_Hike05
  7. Survive on a limited budget.
  8. Complete agreed special interest challenge.
  9. Take part in the post-expedition assessment.

An Incredible Achievement…

In the end up, a well deserved ‘Challenge Badge, Certificate and Kneckerchief Woggle’ are awarded to successful teams, although it is the participation that is the important factor.
‘100 kms. 5/6 Days. Let the Venture Challenge begin!’

The Venture Tree Hut Challenge…

TreeHut01The ultimate in Pioneering – Using your camp craft knowledge to build a shelter in the trees. Not as easy as it looks, but the end result is well worth all the effort.
The Venturers competed in the 2014 National Campcraft Challenge and took home the Gold Award Standard.
‘A big congratulations is in order. The Gold Award was well deserved. Keep up the good work team. You did 33rd Derry proud.’
Pioneering or Camp Craft is a big part of Scouting. The list of useful items to be constructed is endless.
‘All Scouts are resourceful, and it is amazing what can be built.’

VTreeHutNew2The Tree Hut Challenge places a strong emphasis on ‘The Buddy System.’ This is a very important concept in Scouting. As an individual you can only achieve so much, but with a Patrol of 8, all helping each other – working together to achieve a common goal – then anything is possible.
‘The key to everything is Team Work and Team Spirit.’





SnowPatrolPSMany Events on offer…
Absailing, Archery, Back woods cooking, Badge Work, Camping, Climbing, Canoeing, First Aid, Hiking, Hill Walking, Lighting a Fire, Mountain Biking, Orienteering (Map and Compass), Packing a Rucksack, Pioneering, (Campcraft through Scout Knots/Lashings) River Walking, Swimming, Skills Weekend, Survival Day, Summercamps. Plus…’The Tree Hut Challenge,’ and ‘The Venture Challenge.’ Including: ‘The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.’ ‘The One Programme.’ And many more.