Beavers | 33rd Derry Ballinascreen Scouts

Beavers Cubs Scouts Venturers Rovers

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BeaverIconTimes: Tuesdays – 7.15pm – 8.30pm


‘The aim of Scouting is to contribute to the development of the youth in achieving their full spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and cultural potential.’

‘If you are aged 6 – 8 then you can become a Beaver. Its lots of fun and adventure. There are so many exciting team games and activities. You will make lots of friends.’

Beaver Fun

SAM_0514At Beavers we play lots of fun games like: Duck-Duck-Goose, Starboard and Port, and Dodge Ball.

We also do lots of Arts and Craft like Making Masks,Drawing Pictures and Painting.

There are so many Badges that we can earn. These are worn on our uniforms.

We also learn to share with our friends and family – like sharing our sweets. Beavers are very good at sharing, and we always help each other.

‘We also go on fun activities like Nature Walks, the Park, or Fun Days away.’

 Beaver Archery

At Beavers we sometimes do special activities like Archery!DSC_0064

Our Leaders help us to load our bows, and to aim, ready for us to fire.
Everyone sits down and watches as each Beaver has their own turn. Closest to the Bullseye wins! Practice makes Perfect.

‘Sometimes there is a bar of chocolate at the Bullseye. Hit it and you win the Chocolate!’


Beaver Fun at the Park…

Beavers_ParkPS2We love to go to the local Draperstown park…

It has swings and slides.

There is a big zip line as well.

Plus a big tunnel.

And many climbing frames.

‘We all love the park!’

Fun Games…

Bev_Hocky01When the weather is good we can do outside activities like Hockey. There are 2 teams. The aim is to score a point by hitting the puck in to the other teams net.

Its a team game. We need to work together always. May the best team win.

‘Hockey is the best! Its so much fun!’



Beaver Halloween Party…

BEV_HalloweenOctober 31st is Halloween, which means a big Beaver Party! Everyone dresses up, and there is lots to eat and drink. And we play lots of fun games as well.

‘The Beaver Halloween Party is a Scream!’





Many Events on offer…

BEV_Canoe03Arts and Craft, Archery, Badge Work, Camping, Canoeing Fun Day, Games, Halloween Party, Nature Walks, Packing a Rucksack, ‘The One Programme. And many more.

‘The Beaver Fun Days are briliant! We just cant wait until the next trip!’