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How it all began…

33rd Derry Ballinascreen Scouts began in 1994, within Draperstown, South Derry, Northern Ireland.


Draperstown is a village in the Sperrin Mountains. It is situated in the parish of Ballinascreen; and, as of April 2015, is part of the Mid-Ulster District Council.




The Journey of 1000 Miles Begins with its First Ever Step…

For 33rd Derry, our incredible journey started as an in-car conversation – between a local Draperstown woman and a Scouting Commissioner. Enroute to work the passenger was impressed with the Scouting stories; she was inspired.

Scout Awareness Evening…

The Scouting Commissioner and Nancy both led the Scout awareness evening within the local Draperstown Secondary School – St. Colm’s High School. The aim was to promote the benefits of Scouting, and ultimately create a Scout group within Draperstown.

The Birth of 33rd Derry…

After the talks, people from the audience came forward offering their help and support.

This small group of inspirational people became leaders, making history; and with this the 33rd Derry Ballinascreen Scouts was born.


And it wasn’t long before many young people from Ballinascreen began to enjoy the experience of Scouting.

1994: Bamba Hall…

33rd Derry was created, but we still needed a place to call our own. The first ever Scout Den was the Bamba Hall in Straw; yet with rising popularity, 33rd Derry needed a bigger home!

1995: St. Colm’s Hall…

The St. Colm’s Hall (Cahore Road, Draperstown) beside Yard Master was the ideal location. It was bigger and better, but required much maintenance, after-all, the early hall was in a right state! Still, it had potential.

Thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm – with paint pots and brushes at the ready – the interior was painted to brighten the place up. Exterior wise, the outside car park was stoned – and tarmaced later-on.


It was this early teamwork and support that laid the foundations for future growth, so all those who contributed were a credit to 33rd Derry.¬†The St. Colm’s Hall is still the current Scout Den location today for 33rd Derry.

33rd Derry Growth…

Over the years the group has gone from strength-to-strength with new sections opening…

(1994: Cubs and Scouts) (1995: Beavers) (2000: Ventures) (2010: Rovers)

This growth was possible thanks to Scouting popularity, and again the voluntary support from Leaders, (Ages: 18+) bringing their own unique experience, skills, and knowledge.


With Scouting celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2007, coupled with Annual Worldwide Jamboree, and again the appointment of Bear Grylls as Chief Scout of the World, we see the Scouting Movement growing from strength-to-strength, and this is also true for 33rd Derry.